Minneapolis Event Photographer, Ann Bancroft Foundation Fundraiser

Minneapolis Event Photographer

The Ann Bancroft Fundraising Gala is an event that needed a photographer to capture the overall ambiance, guests’ experiences, and the theme. The photographs are also critical for event communication and funding. A high-quality event photographer will ensure every significant moment is captured, and memories are preserved. The Ann Bancroft Foundation raised thousands of dollars at this annual fundraising gala hosted at The Depot Minneapolis.

The Ann Bancroft Foundation

Ann Bancroft Foundation Mission

The aim of the Ann Bancroft Foundation is to motivate and empower girls to aspire to greater things. In addition to that, their goal is to foster self-assurance and provide resources that will enable girls to pursue their aspirations with the assurance of ongoing support. By providing grants, mentorship, and continuous growth opportunities, the foundation is equipping girls in Minnesota with the determination to reach their fullest potential.

Ann bancroft foundation fundraiser

Values of The Ann Bancroft Foundation

The Ann Bancroft Foundation is committed to fostering a culture of inclusion, empowerment, and interconnectedness among individuals. They are driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact in the lives of girls, and they collaborate with individuals and organizations who share their vision.

US Bank Sponsored event
Ann Bancroft Foundation Gala photographed by Jeannine Marie Photography
Ann Bancroft Fundraiser

Equity and Inclusion in the Ann Bancroft Foundation

The Ann Bancroft Foundation has long been dedicated to promoting gender equity in all its endeavors. Also, they recognize that achieving their mission of inspiring and encouraging girls to aspire to greater things requires a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

The foundation places great value on diversity and, as a result, strives to engage and represent the communities they serve. They are mindful of the systems and customs that have sustained inequality in American society. They acknowledge the existence of racism and bias and are committed to working collaboratively with others to reduce and ultimately eliminate the practices perpetuating inequities. As an organization and as leaders, they are committed to cultivating an environment where everyone feels valued and respected.

Fundraiser Event for Ann Bancroft Foundation photographed by Jeannine Marie Photography
Ann Bancroft Foundation Gala
MPLS Depot venue, Ann Bancroft Foundation
Ann Bancroft Foundation event photographer
Ann Bancroft Fundraiser Event
Jigsaw event planning
Fundraiser event Ann Bancroft Foundation
The Ann Bancroft Foundation Event
Minneapolis event photographer
MPLS Event photographer
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Health Partners sponsored event
Minnesota event photographer
Ann Bancroft Foundation
Twin Cities event photographer
Spire Credit Union sponsored event
Minneapolis Depot event venue
MPLS Depot event Venue
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