Mayowood Stone Barn Wedding, Brittnee + Chris

Mayowood Stone Barn, bride, groom, kiss, dip, grass, sky, sunset, cloudsCongratulations to Brittnee and Chris! They got married at Mayowood Stone Barn in September of 2015. These two are high school sweethearts! Britnee recalls talking to a high school classmate in the hallway between classes one day and saying, “”I am going to marry Chris someday!” Too cute! Check out their engagement session here! Mayowood Stone Barn, Rochester, Minnesota, bride, groom, sunset, poses, couple, weddingMayowood Stone Barn, Carlson Craft, wedding, stationery, wedding invitation, floral stationery, floral invitationMayowood Stone Barn, Modern Designs & Concepts LLC, wedding gown, bridal dress, bridal bouquet, flowers, floral, weddingMayowood Stone Barn, bride, mom, getting ready, buttoning dress, wedding gown, lace dress, button up dressMayowood Stone Barn, groom, getting ready, cuff links, boutonniere pinning, dad tying groom's tieMayowood Stone Barn, groom, bride, first look, swingMayowood Stone Barn, first look, bride, groom, swing, tree, summer, wedding, bridal bouquet, gray suit, wedding dress, wedding gownMayowood Stone Barn, bride, bridal bouquet, flowers, floral, wedding gown, bridal dress, vintage wedding,Mayowood Stone Barn, groom, gray suit, boutonniere, orange, pink, peach, flowers, floral, wedding, Modern Designs & ConceptsMayowood Stone Barn, bride, groom, wedding, bridal gown, gray suit, bridal bouquetMayowood Stone Barn, bridesmaids, bride, blue bridesmaids dresses, long bridesmaids dresses, navy bridesmaids dresses, summer wedding, bridal look, bride style, bridesmaids styleMayowood Stone Barn, groom, groomsmen, gray suits, summer wedding, groom attire, groom styleMayowood Stone Barn, bridal party, bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, outside, kiss, celebrate, bouquetsMayowood Stone Barn, ceremony, wedding, programs, stationery, decor, decorationsMayowood Stone Barn, decor, decorations, ceremony, flowers, floral, vases, aisle decor, weddingMayowood Stone Barn, bride, fathe
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