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   Hi I’m Jeannine, a photographer mentor, running a successful portrait and wedding business while designing a life I love with my family, and a supportive community of photographers. 

   Being a creative in business is difficult. So I’m thrilled to be offering a mentoring program for photographers finally! Maybe you want to get that flash out of the box you purchased months ago, or perhaps you aren’t getting the clients you want or making the profit you need. 

   Whatever obstacles you are facing, I’ve been there. Most of my struggles in business as a creative are self-inflicted. For example, not understanding how to put boundaries around projects and time management. I took way too long to make templates in my workflow, hours in my email, and days comparing products I didn’t need. I’ve spent way too much effort overthinking decisions and not implementing changes. But, the most complicated struggle for me was understanding my worth as an artist. 

   I prioritize photography education and regularly attend workshops and conferences. I’m an active member of my local Professional Photographers Association chapter, TCPPA. I usually attend a large convention each year like ImagingUSA or WPPI. Then I seek out private, smaller workshops, retreats or coaching to fuel my creativity, hone my craft, and fine-tune my business skills. I truly enjoy learning new photography techniques, connecting with other photographers, and learning how everyone runs their studios differently. I have friends across the country from connections I’ve made at these conventions and workshops. 

   Each year in my 17 years in business, I’ve trained with various mentors. Mentors not only in the craft of photography but also in business, prosperity money-mindset, organization, and sales. I’ve moved from a tiny little office in the attic of my home to a retail studio with an entire support team. I choose to make this investment in myself because it is what helps me get out of procrastination, creativity blocks, and all the worries around running a business. 

   Since 2015 I’ve hosted monthly small business workshops for creatives, including the St. Paul chapter of the Rising Tide Society. In 2020, I rebranded the studio as a full-service portrait studio for families, newborns, pets, seniors and business portraits. 

   Below you will find education and mentoring opportunities to gain confidence in your craft and master your photography business! I can’t wait to see what you accomplish with a photographer mentor!

Confucius said, "To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge."

Photographer Mentoring Options


Mentoring for the long game. Maybe you’ve become stuck in your photography or unsure what direction to go next. Or, you are just not getting the traction you want. If you are ready to commit to your business’s success with strategy and accountability, then this will be the best investment for your growth. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business. This package includes a three-hour strategy onboarding meeting and a 45-minute mentoring meeting once a month. 



Customized mentoring for photographers who want to improve on a topic of their choice. In-person or Zoom call for an hour of coaching on whatever you are struggling with most. Topics may include; OCF or studio lighting, posing, workflow setups, Lightroom, portfolio review, website review, marketing, social media, and business strategies. 


From learning how to take better photos with your phone to using studio lighting and marketing your business.  We love building a community around learning. 



Do you even know why the prices for your services are set as they are? Are you constantly discounting your pricing? Was a process followed for setting your prices? Burnout can be experienced trying to make ends meet if prices are set too low. Understanding your pricing ensures that the most revenue possible is earned for your efforts. The ‘No Stress Pricing Strategy for the Lazy Photographer’ digital download helps you create a profitable business. The pricing process can be SIMPLE, and you can be profitable while doing what you LOVE.



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