Niki & Dan’s Wedding at The Varsity Theater

When and how did you two first meet?

Nikki and Dan, both growing up in different places, both ending up in Utah, met for the first time in 2014. With an extra concert ticket and a desire to meet new people, Dan and Nikki were destined to go to the show, have a great time, and live happily ever after. And then Nikki bailed on Dan to go to a different concert. But hope was not lost that day! They maintained a friendship over the next few years, seeing each other occasionally at shows and eventually biding time until the stars would align and they would get their happily ever after. In 2018, Nikki and Dan were growing closer, seeing each other more often, and finally started dating. Everything was finally coming together. And then Dan got to spend 15 months in LA for work. But their love persevered – through the distance, COVID, and even getting through a few stressful moves together, Nikki and Dan have tackled it all together.

Why did you choose your The Varsity Theater as your venue?

Niki and Dan chose Varsity for the bathrooms (joking, but not)- They actually booked their reception venue before the ceremony venue. They loved the idea of having it on the water but were worried about the weather that time of year. Growing up in MN, Varsity was Niki’s dream wedding venue that she thought would never happen. They made a list of what they both wanted and looked at places from New Ulm to Duluth. It was the perfect place for them to throw a big party with their love of live music and drinking with friends. Every time anyone who hasn’t been there asks about the venue, Niki tells them that they literally have award winning bathrooms and gets the craziest looks. But they always agree what a highlight it is once they see it in photos! 

When and how did you get engaged?

Dan proposed on a blustery April day in the Grand Canyon. They were on one of their many national park adventures. The proposal itself took place at Ooh Aah Point, a 1.8 mile hike descending below the canyon rim. Dan, who doesn’t like talking to strangers, asked a lovely couple to take photos of them. They took a few, and they handed his phone back, and he politely said something to the effect of “Actually, could you please take one more?” And then unzipped his backpack, pulled out the ring, and proposed.


VENUE: Varsity Theater

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jeannine Marie Photography



FLORAL: Style Society

RINGS: Jared

BRIDAL SHOP: David’s Bridal


GROOM ATTIRE: Men’s Warehouse


DESSERTS/CAKE: Thirsty Whale Bakery


STATIONERY: Paper n Peonies


Varsity theater wedding

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