Photography Retreat for Women Photographers

Photography Retreat for Women Photographers

This past April we had an amazing long weekend of learning, connection, and inspiration at the Linden Hills Historic Estate. The Linden Hills mansion is a time capsule in Little Falls, Minnesota. The rooms are adorned with treasures from the past like; hand-painted wallpaper, original furniture, and bookshelves left untouched for decades. The registration is now open for the 2023 Fiercely Inspired Retreat!! You can register here

We brainstormed this workshop to offer a safe space for women photographers to learn about lighting, color theory, editing, running a business, and all the struggles in between. Throughout the retreat, you will foster your creative confidence. You learn how to use color and design your portraits with intention, guiding your viewer in a cohesive experience. We go over how you can fine-tune your photo editing skills to finally get your finished photos to look the way you imagine them. 

The Fiercely Inspired Retreat for women photographers is hosted by myself and two other incredible photographers, Beth Mancuso and Meg Loeks. 

Beth Mancuso, is the winner of the Sony Alpha Female Landscape Photo Contest and was featured on NatGeo Chanel. She launched an online group Women’sWomen’s Photography Circle  and travels the world hosting photography workshops for women in cool places like Jonathan Tree National Park, Glacier National Park, Iceland, and so many others. You can check out her next photography workshop adventure here.

Meg Loeks is a mentor and instructor at Clickin Moms, a Sigma Ambassador, and Profoto Legend of Light. In addition, she is a magician with her camera and Lightroom, creating conceptual portraits of her five children in her country home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Each year I go to some sort of photography education and conference. I’m a regular member of my local Professional Photographers Association chapter, TCPPA. I usually attend a large convention each year like ImagingUSA or WPPI. Then I seek out private, smaller workshops, retreats or coaching to fuel my creativity, hone my craft, and fine-tune my business skills. I truly enjoy learning new photography techniques, connecting with other photographers, and learning how everyone runs their studios differently. I have friends across the country from connections I’ve made at these conventions and workshops. I choose to make this investment in myself because it is what helps me get out of procrastination, creativity blocks, and all the worries around running a business.

Looking back on the last five years, I have spent $3000-$8000 attending photography education. It’s incredible where you can go when you have photography mentors that believe in you before you even believe in yourself. If you are a solopreneur or creative in business, I can’t encourage you enough to invest in yourself for growth in your photography and business. Seeking support is required to move you to the next level.

I’ve mentioned connection a few times, and I have to say the fourteen women photographers who attended our first photography retreat in 2022 were genuinely inspiring. We had attendees from all across the US, from Florida to California. We enjoyed home-cooked family-style meals with the best conversations about life, family, and photography. A few late nights of shinanigans included one night of spinning in circles doing long exposures with sparklers and another night sipping wine and making TikToks. So if you are looking for a way to make giant leaps in your photography craft, this retreat is for you!!

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