How to Tie a Bow Tie, Minneapolis Wedding Photographer

MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0395 Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to tie a bow tie on the day of the wedding! Learn now! Below are step by step instructions for how to tie a bow tie! Thanks to Rustic Elegance and Gus from Heimie’s Haberdashery for this demonstration! MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0405 1) Place the tie around the neck. Fold the right end of the bow band back on itself. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0398 2) Hold the loop in one hand and place it centered at the base of the neck. With your other hand, grab the left side of the bow band. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0399 3) Wrap it under, and straight up the center of the part you are holding in your right hand. Make sure the narrow piece of the band is crossing in the middle. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0404 4) Bring the left end all the way down, behind the neck loop. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0406 5) Tuck this end through the front loop, pulling it from left to right. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0402 6) Pull the bow tie tight and tug it into shape. MN-Wedding-Planner-How-to-tie-a-bow-Tie_0403You can also use this Youtube video! Save the link to your phone so you can access it whenever you need a reminder on how to tie a bow tie! Wedding Photography Blog by Jeannine Marie Photography]]>

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