Look Skinny on Your Wedding Day

Looking great on your wedding day is something all brides work hard for months to do, but here are a few tricks that can make you look trim and rock that dress.

1) Turn partially sideways to the camera twisting your torso back to the  camera. Put your weight on your back foot and if you have a fitted gown, bend your knee closest to the camera. This flaunts your curves in all the right way.

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2) Hold your arms slightly away from your body. Your bouquet should be pointed towards the camera, elbows back. The space between your body and your arm will instantly slender you.

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3) No bouquet? Stagger your hands on your hips. Don’t forget to put your weight on your back foot! Looking away from the camera brings mystery and drama. It is also a great way to show of an elegant hair piece.

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4) Take a deep breath relax your shoulders and pull them back. Push your forehead slightly towards the camera and wait until right before the photo is taken to smile. This allows a true smile while avoiding at double chin. Like most things, it doesn’t hurt to practice.

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5) Avoid being closest to the camera. Snuggle in close and be aware the one closest to the camera will hold the most weight in the image. Wedding Poses, look skinny, wedding day tips, photographer tips, photography tips, wedding photos

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