Top 5 Wedding Makeup Tips

Sarah with Sarah Elizabeth Artistry, a Minneapolis wedding makeup artist, has 5 wedding makeup tips for brides:


Top 5 Wedding Tips From a Makeup Artist

1. “I Hate my Skin”:

If you have something about your skin that you hate (acne, scarring, texture issues, etc.) it’s best to start a skin care routine to correct it at least 6-8 months before your wedding day. Issues take time to correct and there is no magic wand product that will clear up acne overnight or treat lines + wrinkles in 8 hours. Seeing a professional aesthetician well before the big day will make it possible to put your best face forward on the wedding day. Bonus Tip: Try not to change an established routine right before the wedding. The amount of potential stress and anxiety can alter the skin’s reaction to even familiar products/treatments. Throwing the “next best thing” on your skin is just asking for trouble when you have an established routine.

Make Up 2-1

2. Look Like Yourself, Only Better: You’re wedding day isn’t the time to “reinvent” yourself. You want your spouse-to-be to be in awe of how you look when they see you at the end of the aisle, not have a look of “who are you?!?” on their face when you’re saying your vows. Look your best, but look like you on your big day. Bonus Tip: When budgeting for your wedding and if you’re having makeup or hair services done, plan into your budget to do a preview service so you know how you’re going to look on your big day and there is time to make any adjustments of the things you don’t love.

3. To Wax or Not to Wax: Do not wait until the day before (or the morning of) the wedding to wax any portion of your face. The possibility of having a reaction is high and especially on the day of it is nearly impossible to cover the redness of the irritation with makeup without it turning into clogged pores + possible acne. Bonus Tip: If there are stray hairs that MUST come out on the big day, tweeze glaring hairs right after a shower to limit irritation as the skin is softened and eases with removal. Don’t use a magnifying mirror as you’ll see more than you need to tweeze and it becomes obsessive.

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4. Fight Shine All Day: To combat shine either from oil or humidity, instead of carrying a pressed powder which can start to look cakey over time, think about the alternative of blotting papers. The key to choosing these is to find a version without powder on the sheets. They can be found at most drugstores (ELF and Clean & Clear) or makeup stores (MAC). Bonus Tip: To help control oil and just help the texture of your skin all day, consider investing in or having an artist use a mattifying primer before any skin correction or makeup.

5. Have an Emergency Kit: Swing through the Travel Size isle at your local drugstore, or better yet Target (or Target-like store) and stock up on mini-sized products to create you emergency kit. Think mini tins of Altoids, antacids, pain relievers, tiny bottles of mouthwash, stain removers, deodorant, nail polish remover, etc. You never know when these things might be needed by yourself or one of the other members of your wedding party.

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