Wedding at The Machine Shop

Love at First Site at The Hospital

Aileen moved to Minnesota in 2014 to complete her pharmacy residency. Scott was a cardiology/emergency medicine pharmacist at the same hospital Aileen was training at. During her second year of training, where she was specializing in infectious diseases, Scott left the hospital to pursue a new job. That was when they moved out of the friend zone and into the relationship zone!

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How They Got Engaged

They always considered their first kiss to be their anniversary – February 13th, 2016. That night they went to a now-closed basement bar called Honey. They danced and drank the night away, and their first kiss followed at the end of the night. Five years later on their anniversary, Scott suggested that they watch the intro to the movie Honey to pay homage to their first kiss. It turns out that he actually used the movie trailer to transition into a super special video he made. The video started with their literal first texts and recounted so many of their happy memories over the years. The video ended with Scott’s proposal, and Aileen ugly crying tears of happiness…and of course, saying yes!

Machine Shop Wedding Venue

Aileen and Scott had only toured one other venue prior, and something just didn’t feel right, but they couldn’t pinpoint it. When they walked into the Machine Shop, the first words Aileen said to Scott were, “We found it, this is it, no doubt!”. That feeling that tells you “OMG YES” was shooting through her body with every single step around the site. The super tall ceilings, industrial vibe, and different areas made the decision easy.

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The machine shop historical wedding and event venue
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Wedding catered by Crave Catering
The Machine Shop Minneapolis wedding venue
Machine shop Minneapolis
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Wedding at the machine shop
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Wedding planned by Jenna Culley Events


VENUE: Machine Shop

WEDDING PLANNER: Jenna Culley Events

PHOTOGRAPHER: Jeannine Marie Photography

2ND PHOTOGRAPHER: Time Into Pixels

FLORAL: Wilderland Floral

OFFICIANT: Liz Rae Weddings

CATERER: Crave Catering

STATIONERY: Epitome Papers

MUSIC: Boom Island String Quartet


Jenna Culley Events

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